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Learn All About Xello’s New CCMR Tracking
Career, College, and Military Readiness (CCMR) tracking is coming soon to Xello!

Join us on Tuesday, April 19th at Noon CT for an exclusive preview of Xello’s CCMR tracking tools, available next month. We’ll show you how both your students and educators will gain more visibility into CCMR indicators so they can take action.

Xello’s CCMR tracker will give all educators:
* an easy, centralized view into their students’ CCMR status
* the visibility to provide effective, targeted support.

For students, their dashboard will include:
* CCMR indicators, which they can learn more about
* tracking of what they plan to complete and status of district records,
* the information they need to prepare for what’s next.

Duration: 30 mins (15 mins demo + live Q&A)


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